Create, edit, delete and copy your IT projects as and when necessary, at any time, from any location.


A money saving opportunity for any company that hires own IT administrator able to run the company’s server controls.

No limits

In terms of a cold site you can create your IT infrastructure and without limitations administrate it on your own.


Clouder Pro is a server virtualization service that provides an opportunity to create unlimited number of virtual servers, to apply different network and protection solutions to the created server infrastructure and to save the data.

By using Clouder Pro, You will be able to manage calculating resources related to the needs of Your company.

Clouder Pro – as the service name tells, operates by self-service principle without involvement of a Hostnet administrator, with exception of those cases when Hostnet specialists support and consulting is needed in resource administration, management and maintenance.

HOSTNET Clouder Pro prices



Resource limit

Monthly fee

Processor (CPU)


16 CPU

8.00 EUR

Memory (RAM)


64 GB

7.00 EUR



1 TB

0.15 EUR



1 TB

0.08 EUR

Additional VLAN



10.00 EUR

Additional IP adrese



3.00 EUR

Technical data


Total internet-connection per obe virtual server


1 Gb/s

Internal LAN

1 Gb/s

Other data


Citrix XenServer

Operation systems and applications

Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, Windows Serwer u.c.



You can choose Linux or Microsoft Windows software. Hostnet is an official partner of Microsoft.


Hostnet uses only powerful and worldwide recognized Dell servers. They provide high quality and service availability almost at 100%. For data storage we use High availability NetApp disc massives. Hardware is located in one of the biggest and most reliable data centres in the Baltics – DEAC.For creation and support of the virtual Cloud server we use  the virtualization platform (hypervizor) Citrix Xenserver of Enterprise level.

Clouder Pro servers management

You can increase or decrease the range of server resources according to your needs, thus avoiding overpayment for unused server space.   Use ISO and template management service to facilitate a new virtual server creation, which will let you upload your templates/ISO or clone the template from an already existing virtual server.


Use of Clouder Pro provides You with an opportunity of:

  • Virtual networks organizations – ports translation, load balancing, etc.;
  • Isolated network management – an opportunity to create several local and isolated networks for your infrastructure of cloud server and to assign the rights of differentiated access;
  • Private and public IP addresses – for domestic networks create and use your addressing schemes, but for external ones – public IP addresses for the Hostnet IP address list;
  • Firewall management – configure, and manage with use of convenient tool kits, allowing to block left beyond your permission;
  • The server load balancing – optimize the use of resources and increase the seed of their operation with help of load balancing function;

Data storage

Depending on a server specifics we offer SATA or SAS discs

  • SATA discs – Disc rotation speed 7 200 rpm.SATA is an optimal solution for data storage, support of various archives and file location purposes. Home pages and systems with low attendance will function perfectly on SATA discs.
  • SAS discs – Disc rotation speed 15 000 rpm.SAS disc are designed for regularly updated and used data, as well as for different internet projects with high degree of attendance.
  • Backup – Snapshot copying function provides an opportunity to create data backup copies at any time and in any scope. For additional security of Your data they are located on a separate disc massive.

Data centre infrastructure

Hostnet data centre infrastructure is supported with two independent telecommunication entrance facilities, two independent power supply sources and cooling systems.

Why choose CLOUDer Pro

Independent administration

Clouder Pro is applicable for those companies that want independent administration of their IT infrastructure at any time, from any place, without any restrictions in terms of the chosen limit.

No investments

You will not need to invest money into software purchase and rent of data storage safe location. By having chosen Clouder Pro, you will be able to get all this by a fixed monthly rate. Thus, the purchased resource will comply to your requirements and You will not have to overpay for the resource, as is the case with a server purchase.


We use reliable Dell servers of Enterprise quality with High availability disc massives NetApp , which are saved in DEAC - the most reliable data centre in the Baltics. Along with this the Hostnet technical infrastructure provides maximal logical and physical security of Your data.

Saving on IT expenses

You can save up to 40% of your IT expenses, by trusting administration of your server to your IT specialist, who can manage and control effective use of the infrastructure.

Technical support

Despite the fact that this service aims to reduce Your costs at maximum, our professionals are always at Your disposition, to render you assistance and consulting in solution of various extraordinary situations.

99.99% UPTIME

High availability of data is one of our priorities. Continuous availability of servers provides the latest Cloud Computing technology and secure data center connectivity.

How to start using CLOUDer Pro?

Contact us!

Contact customer service and tell them all your needs.


Choose as many resources as you need for your project.


Work on your project with all the resources you have and increases them when it is necessary.

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