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Special Terms of Use of the Services

1. Special terms and provisions provided below are published in accordance with the conditions of the Electronic Services Contract concluded between SIA Hostnet and the Client.
2. The Client hosting account is created automatically within few minutes after the filling of the application form on the Operator‘s website and payment.
2.1 When registering, you need to indicate the e-mail address, which will be used for electronic correspondence. When indicating the e-mail address, the Client takes on responsibility that the address is available and that the Client has read all notifications delivered to the indicated e-mail address. If false information in relation to the Client has been provided, the Client‘s hosting account may be blocked without warning.
3. The Client is allowed to use all services provided by the Operator only within the limits of law, the laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia and the European Union. The Client agrees to compensate damages and satisfy all claims that are the result of the Client’s activity.
4. It is prohibited to install the following software on the Operator‘s servers, and it is prohibited to use the Operator’s Services for the following activities and storing of files:
4.1 materials, the storing of which constitutes copyright infringement
4.2 IRC scripts/bots
4.3 Warez pages and pirated software
4.4 Proxy Scripts/Anonymizers
4.5 AutoSurf/PTC/PTS/PPC pages
4.6 IP scanners
4.7 Mail Bombers/spam scripts
4.8 providing service of sending anonymous e-mails and SMS (text messages)
4.9 web pages containing child pornography
4.10 pages and programs intended for hackers
4.11 internet radio and TV
4.12 storage of backup copies of any other web sites
4.13 torrent trackers and similar pages
4.14 maintenance of gambling web sites and systems
4.15 inbound socket connections
4.16 other pages that offer illegal file exchange between users
4.17 storage of any software and scripts, which ensure file uploads by anonymous users that can be downloaded by other users
4.18 any computer programs that can deteriorate or slow down the functional capacity of the Operator‘s server
5. When using the Operator’s Services, it is strictly forbidden to send e-mail spam, and to send e-mails to large number of receivers without a prior consent of said receivers. In case of a violation of this article, the hosting account will be blocked without warning.
6. Hosting plans are intended for maintaining web sites. It is forbidden to use hosting plans as data storage for files that are not related to maintaining a website. It is forbidden to use disc space of hosting plans for storing backup copies.
7. The Operator reserves the right to change prices indicated on their website and to increase resources allocated to plans.
8. The Operator ensures unconditional money return within 30 days from the beginning providing of the hosting service. There are no money returns after the 30-day period. The money-back guarantee does not apply to domain names, SSL certificates, provided IP addresses. Only first-time accounts can receive full refund; for example, if the Client has used the Operator‘s services before, then cancelled and now has registered again, the Client does not have the right to claim the refund.
9. All backup files created by cPanel and Softaculous older than 72 hours, will be automatically deleted from the server, and it is necessary to download and store them outside your hosting account.
10. The Operator shall not be liable for any losses your business may incur.
11. In case of a violation of the Terms of Use, the hosting account may be blocked without warning and money for the time not used may not be returned. For infringement of rules that violates the laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia, the relevant law enforcement authorities will be informed.
12. The Operator reserves the right to modify the provisions without a prior notice.