Don’t waste your money!

You will definitely save your money which you would otherwise spend on purchasing a separate server. But the most advantageous aspects of renting a server are: it works just for you, it does not occupy much space in your office and it does not require installation of a relevant infrastructure and security systems.

Who rents?

Rent of a separate server is suitable for rapid development of online projects (web pages, online stores, portals, etc.), as well for significant corporate projects which have heightened security requirements to ensure an impeccable implementation of the projects. Also large companies tend to rent servers more frequently. They optimize their development expenses and maintain their IT infrastructures. For example, corporate management, accounting and other systems have “left” the office of the company.

Security and service

The hardware available for rent in the data storage centre is secured with special software and special IT procedures which considerably decrease the risk of unauthorized access. What is more, upon your request, we will provide administration and maintenance of operating systems, applications and user accounts.

Server rent

We offer rent of servers in DEAC, which is the most secure underground data storage centre in the Baltic States. A server with the Internet connection operates with a speed of up to 100 Mbit/s. Rented servers are an excellent solution for storing your company’s data bases, web pages and other informative systems that require a relevant level of physical and logical security.

Server collocation in modern data center

Server connection to the Internet network with a guaranteed rate of 100 Mbit/s

Unlimited traffic

2 IP addresses with the possibility of expansion

Linux OS installation

Remote server restart upon request

Server and communication channel monitoring

Damaged equipment change

Informational and technical support

Our professionals will help you choose the most appropriate server configuration for the best price

For additional information or to apply for the service, please call us on + 371 67381662, or write:

Server colocation

Server colocation is the placement of a server in a specially equipped data centre. The price of the service includes provision of a port, electricity consumption and unlimited number of online visitors.

If you decide to place a server in DEAC – the most up-to-date data storage centre in the Baltic States – the following advantages are offered: the security system which will protect your data from any unauthorized access, constant and continuous power supply, cooling and communication channels with fast data transfer.


ServiceContractual periodInstallationMonthly fee
1U and 2U server (up to – 500 W)1 month71.14 €85.37 €
2U server (up to – 600 W)1 month71.14 €120.94 €
4U server (up to – 800 W)1 month71.14 €156.52 €
6U server (up to – 1000 W)1 month71.14 €213.43 €

All prices are in LVL excluding VAT 21%