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  • SSL certificate, serving one certain name of domain, is recognized by 99% browsers, also You are authorized to allocate the SSL True Site Seal on your home page or internet-shop page.

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Positive SSL Wildcard
  • SSL certificate is valid for unlimited number of sub-domains, for example, is the main domain, but or are its sub-domains, which number may be unlimited. You are authorized to allocate the SSL True Site Seal on your home page or internet-shop page and on all sub-domains.

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Why choose SSL


SSL certificates present administration systems for Your internet-shop, online-project or customer data base, where is necessary a high level of security, or the encryption protocol.


While using SSL personla data (payment cards data, passwords, etc.) are being encrypted, and thus, internet users are secured from a potential hacker attack and data theft.


During data transfer SSL certificate provides a server filtration by certain parameters. Thus, information is not transferred to suspicious servers, possibly, hacker servers, when they attempt to interfer into operation of Your online-project with intent to obtain sensitive information about You or Your customers.


Some years ago SSL certificate was considered to be a luxary item. Nowadays it is essential for anyone, who works seriously in the domain of e-commerce, as one of internet users online purchase criteria often refferred to is security or https:// protocol.

ssl sertifikāti


  • SSL certificates will protect You and Your customers against data theft.
ssl sertifikāti

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  • The majority of internet users trust web-sites with https:// protocol.
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  • We provide the service of full installation of SSL certificate.